Our Experience Makes The Difference

We understand the process and have built thousands of websites. That history helps produce affordable, practical solutions that become popular. We help our clients achieve their goals while providing value and adding profit. Many of our clients tell us their website is their lifeline to business success.

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Fully Responsive

With responsive design, CDG can create one, well planned site that will be optimized on every device and every screen size.

Mobile Design

With mobile design you will have two websites, one for the PC and the other for smaller devices and smart phones.

Google Friendly

Both style sites offer Google’s “mobile friendly” endorsement but your choice might not be as simple as you think.

Secure and fast hosting above industry standards.

CDG servers offer fast, secure and accessible data with an astounding lack of downtime. In our 22-year history, our sites have been down less than 10 hours total, including the three weeks of city-wide power failure due to ice storms. Most of those 10 hours were in preparation for Y2K. In addition, hosting with CDG means finding a real person to talk to for any questions. Your hosting can also include maintenance/content fees or you can use our content management systems to have the site edited anytime, any place.
Both our ecommerce system and content management system are browser-based and do not need local software on your computer to work.
You can edit your site from any internet acces


  • Seach Success

    SEO Search Engine Optimization, is the most overlooked and underutilized aspect of great website design. We will get this done right.

  • Experience Counts

    Getting your website found is one of the most complicated and important features of website design and we have been doing this well since 1997.

  • Proven Results

    Our history of sucess, with results, means your site will be found. Great designers with SEO skills, like CDG, can prove their worth.

Use our software and save thousands!


With our custom built content management system you will save thousands on site edit and change fees. Instead of emailing us photos, text, price changes, news etc, just add it to your site. Take photos or videos on your smartphone and have them on your site in seconds. It’s easy and we have hundreds of references that agree.

  • Personally designed to your website so everything matches perfectly.

  • Editable and accessible from any internet device at any time.

  • Secure and safe and you can restrict access to specific areas for staff.

  • Have your website ready to respond to any emergency or competition with one click.

  • Add videos, news, photo galleries and make these changes with no experience needed


Sell your products world-wide


Build your own app with CDG