Enhanced Enterprise Zone

Contact: Jim Grebing
Kennett City, Light, Gas & Water
Economic Development Office
303 South Anthony
Kennett, MO 63857

Economic Development is a department of City Light, Gas & Water and managed by the Kennett Board of Public Works. Jim Grebing, Economic Development Director, is coordinator of the Enhanced Enterprise Zone (EEZ) #24.

Kennett's Enhanced Enterprise Zone (EEZ) #24 designation from the state of Missouri offers discretionary state tax credits to qualifying industries and manufacturers, to be paid yearly, for up to ten tax years after the start of operations.  Zone #24 is located within EEZ District #8, statewide.

Eligible EEZ Industries (By NAICS Code):

  • 31-33: Manufacturing
  • 42: Wholesale Trade
  • 48: Transportation
  • 49: Warehousing
  • 62: Health Care and Social Assistance
  • 72: Accomodation
  • 81: Other Services (Excluding Public Administration)

To learn more about EEZ's, visit www.mo.ded.gov and www.missouridevelopment.org.