Located in Missouri's "Bootheel" on U.S. 412, Kennett is four miles east of Arkansas, 20 miles west of the Mississippi River and 23 miles from the Tennessee border. At the gateway to mid-America, Kennett is easily within a day's drive of 77% of the country's major markets.

U.S. Highway 412

Designated #8 of 80 High Priority Corridors on the National Highway System. Reports indicate U.S. 412 may be the next transcontinental freeway corridor.

Four lanes of U.S. 412 link Kennett to Interstate 55, a major north/south highway, and Interstate 40, a major east/west highway. It is also in close proximity to the designated routes of the proposed Interstate 69 corridor, an important trade route that will eventually connect Canada and Mexico.

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Other Major Highways

  • U.S. Highway 62:  U.S. Route 62 runs from the U.S.-Canada border to the U.S.-Mexico border at El Paso, Texas. U.S. Route 62 is 30 miles north of Kennett.
  • MO Route 25:  Length: 86 miles north/south from Jackson, MO, to Kennett.
  • MO Route 53:  The northern terminus is at Business U.S. Highway 67/U.S. Highway 160 in Poplar Bluff, MO. Its southern terminus is at Route 25 in Holcomb, MO.
  • MO Route 153:  Its northern terminus is at U.S. Highway 60, midway between Sikeston and Dexter. Its southern terminus is at Route 25, north of Kennett.


The Kennett Memorial Airport is a showpiece that's hard to match for any community with a population of 11,000.  The airport boasts two runways, and it creates a powerful first impression for both business executives, arriving by air, and amateur pilots, alike.  Follow the link:

Recent changes in the aviation industry have led to greater usage of the Kennett Memorial Aiport.  More businesses, both nationally and worldwide, employ private jets to transport personnel and customers.  For example, Manac Trailers is a Canada-based manufacturer with facilities located in Kennett.  Its corporate jets frequently fly in and out of our airport.

In addition, fractional jet ownership allows companies to shares in jet charter companies that have fleets available on demand, thus giving more companies access to private jets.  Smaller "Very Light Jets" (VLJ's) can fly economically between small airports, avoiding the airline hub system and the aviation security issues that have arisen since 9/11. Kennett's five-thousand-foot runway (extended in 2006), with instrument approach, now easily accomodates these corporate jets, bringing businesses directly to our doorstep.

The Kennett Memorial Airport also houses Jewell Aviation, a nationwide leader in airplane and jet engine overhaul and maintenance.  In addition, the airport is a favorite mid-continent stop for pilots and passengers flying cross-country, because of its deeply discounted fuel prices, friendly services and state-of-the art amenities.  The airport terminal is open to travelers, 24/7, and features a flight briefing room, a pilot's lounge, conference facilities and online computer access, for filing flight plans and checking weather patterns.  There is also a shuttle van, available 24/7, to travelers overnighting in Kennett.

Airport Features:

  • Airport Management (Jewell Aviation & Engine Overhaul/Maintenance)
  • Discounted Aviation Fuel
  • Aircraft Parking (Ramp and Tiedown)
  • Two Runways and TBD Hangars

Passenger Terminal Features:

  • Pilots' Lounge & Flight Briefing Room
  • Conference Facilities
  • 24/7 Online Computer Access Offers Computerized Weather Patterns
  • Courtesy Transportation & Public Telephone Available 24/7

Airport Operational Statistics:

Runway 2/20:

  • 5000' x 75'
  • Concrete Surface
  • Runway Lighting: Medium Intensity
  • Lighting Schedule: Dusk to Dawn
  • Beacon: White to Green

Runway 18/36:

  • 3012' x 75'
  • Asphalt Surface
  • Runway Lighting: Non-Standard


This not-for-profit rural transportation agency operates a fleet of 22 buses, serving all of Dunklin County and parts of New Madrid County.  The agency offers non-emergency medical transportation, as well as transportation daily errands and personal business, at a minimal fee.  The service is available to all ages.  For more information, call 573-276-5806.  Dunklin County Transit Service is located at 608 N. Douglass St., in Malden, MO.


Mississippi River (Mile 849.9 AHP) - Slackwater, Ice-Free Harbor (4,680 Ft. in Length with a 300 Ft. Turning Basin at Upper End) - Pemiscot County Port Authority, Caruthersville, MO (24 Miles)  Nearest Rail Service - Hayti, MO (15 Miles)


  • Atlanta: 427 Miles, 1 Days By Motor Freight
  • Boston: 1,276 Miles, 2 Days By Motor Freight
  • Chicago: 459 Miles, 1 Days By Motor Freight
  • Dallas: 499 Miles, 1 Days By Motor Freight
  • Denver: 994 Miles, 2 Days By Motor Freight
  • Detroit: 652 Miles, 1 Days By Motor Freight
  • Indianapolis: 375 Miles, 1 Days By Motor Freight
  • Kansas City: 404 Miles, 1 Days By Motor Freight
  • Los Angeles: 1,822 Miles, 3 Days By Motor Freight
  • Memphis: 111 Miles, 0 Days By Motor Freight
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul: 730 Miles, 2 Days By Motor Freight
  • New Orleans: 507 Miles, 1 Days By Motor Freight
  • New York: 1,086 Miles, 2 Days By Motor Freight
  • St. Louis: 214 Miles, 0 Days By Motor Freight
  • Seattle: 2,219 Miles, 4 Days By Motor Freight